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01:25 am: Today should be everyday
In keeping with my last post of just doing more off-the-top-of-my-head intuitive writing I thought I'd give some update as to what's happened in the last week in this style.

It's a lot.

Let's see, where to begin.

I got fired today! Yay!!! I have a month to get the hell out of dodge.

This is a good thing, or rather, I'm inclined to see it as not necessarily detrimental. In fact, I'd recently, two or three days of last week, been looking for excuses to quit. But the "Hook", those racsally benefits and extra perks, kept me in their grasp.

I feel free. More free. Way more free than I felt while working for those "men". That "Man" and his cronies known as "serious science". Seriously. Don't go into a scientific field these days. It ain't like the Old Days, when you could do honest science and not be bothered too much by the growing mass of the "System". Science works for the man these days, and you gotta be fierce and competitive and step on people and shit. Serious and Know-it-All. That's where I was working. So Good Riddance you fuckers. Go suck a tailpipe.

Do I sound healthy? I think so. I had a good day. And it started when I got fired.

Here's a little more about my day (skip it if you aren't too invested in my personal life):
I went home really mad after finding out I was being sacked (it's the end of the 6 month period and they don't have to give a reason). I realized that I was kinda glad, kind of relieved to have that sorted out for me, without me having to confront the "Hook" anymore, asking myself if I could ever live like this for another year. I immediately decided to go out and try and find a job that I'd be almost entirely happy to go to. Something where I could learn a whole new skill and be surrounded by good energy to boot. So I went downtown to look for some sort of good-energied place, an Herb shop (thanks Sara) or nice bookstore or something...only to realize that this was Davis. These things pretty much don't exist here, cause Davis is fucking wyrd (again). Isolation and conservative-hippiness. That's one of the weirdest things I've ever heard of.
I don't want to work in food or drink service. I don't want to work at the Co-Op. I went by Aquarius (new location across from Golden One) and saw an old friend, Madhu, girlfriend of my friend Colin. Really great energy there, not too New Agey, not too anything, sort of eclectic, I could work there. I could work a retail job once in my life and be okay, nothing permanent, just something that I can use to get financial support and work my way out of my parent's house. And I would be willing to work at Aquarius, but they're closing in a few months (so I hear from Madhu).
So I have a great conversation with Madhu and then have to head out to my Alexander Technique lesson, my second one, a private lesson geared towards teaching awareness of personal habits and chronic muscular tightness and giving you skills to understand it all for yourself. Basically right up my alley. There's a slightly weird feeling I have about the lady who teaches it, kinda like she has the "Where'd you meet THAT guy" effect going in her life. But I don't draw conclusions there. She's really good at what she does, very intuitive and can tell when she's thrown too much information at me. Very kind and understanding. I immediately learned that I could be honest about what was bugging me, and it pays off tenfold.

Moving along:
I get home and practice some singing and Alexander Tech mixed, sort of figuring more stuff out about the way that singing works, diaphragm movements mostly.

That's enough....later.

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Date:August 16th, 2005 09:38 am (UTC)
When I first read that you were fired I thought, "Oh no, what's Tim done to those poor monkeys?!" I still wish you'd stolen one or two.
Good luck on the job front. I'm currently unemployed and insane, so make sure you find a job. Have you considered pimping?
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Date:August 16th, 2005 05:18 pm (UTC)

suggestion noted

Maybe I will. I bet I'd make a great pimp. Except I don't like beating hos. You know, my nickname used to be Pimp Ticket. And I guess that means it still is, cause I mean, how do you ever "lose" a nickname? It's simply gone into disuse.

Thanks for the morale support. And maybe I still will steal a monkey, how do you know? Maybe they'll never notice? They've got four of em...who can keep track?

I'm happy to say good riddance to the job, but I'm sticking with it for at least these next two weeks. I hate being a "prison guard". It's not a role I guess I needed to have, though I've certainly learned a lot.
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